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Multi FunFunLoom KIT

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Multi FunFunLoom KIT

│ Description │

Multi FunFunLoom is a loom band special craft which allows anyone easy, fast, and fun fabrication of diverse shapes and patterns.
Multi FunFunLoom Play + Education, helping brain developemnt through hand moving activities, will contribute to improvements of childrens creativity, thinking, and concentration; prevention of senile dementia; new craft play for adults to enjoy leisure hours and hobbies.

│ Feature │

Craft Apparatus of New Concept that Enables Education through Play
* easy + fast + safe + useful + fun

│ Function │

- Thinking UP
- Creativity UP
- Concentration UP
- Fulfillment UP

│ Configuration details │

Multi FunFunLoom Set(1~3Loom, Dedicated Metal Needle, Fixing Pin, Needle Groove), Silicone Band Glossy, Workbook, S Clip

│ Company introduction │

Makingbookstory Inc which studies and develops creative teaching aids, teaching materials and DIY packages for children is planning and developing various educational contents with original items.
We released "FunFunLoomBands" applying the loom band crafts which are sensationally popular in America these days, and also we recently launched "Multi FunFunLoom" which enables learning through play.
Using environment-friendly silicone bands and Multi FunFunLoom, anyone can learn through play and make accessories in a variety of patterns easily and quickly, as well as encourage brain development by hands moving.
Makingbookstory Inc is continuing research and development to make diverse products for more creative education of children, as strictly as the Mother's heart.

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Multi FunFunLoom KIT